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We had our first visit with the OB today, and baby is healthy as can be! The ultrasound reveals that our little bean measures just 1.29 centimeters long, which is exactly how big it should be: according to my cycle, I should be 7 weeks and 3 days along, and the ultrasound calculated that I am 7 weeks, 4 days plus or minus 2 days. Amazing!

We LOVED the doctor. He was warm, funny, and very knowledgeable, and he didn’t seem the least bit perturbed that we fired questions at him for a good half hour.  He shares our philosophy on labor—I don’t want more medical interventions than are necessary during childbirth, but I do want an epidural—and he seemed incredibly accessible. Although his is a private practice (i.e. no other doctors), he seemed readily available to answer questions in between appointments, and we feel confident that he will be the one delivering our baby (he said that out of every 100 patients, he delivers about 95). So yes: we are very happy, and the best news is that our baby seems to be developing beautifully!

As for how I’m feeling: I’m great, for the most part. Frequently a little queasy, but I haven’t vomited; I get tired, but typically not until the evenings, so I can get through the workday just fine; and I’m not particularly moody. I’ve even started showing a little bit, amazingly—although I haven’t actually gained any weight, there is discernable little baby bump in my lower belly! (Crazy considering that baby is only 1.29cm.) What exciting times! Michael and I couldn’t be happier.


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